Saltwater Crocodile – SOLD OUT!

It has come as no surprise that just a week after the Saltwater Crocodile 1oz Silver Proof was released, it has sold out at Downies! As Downies had a large allocation as official distributor for the Perth Mint it illustrates the sheer popularity and demand the coin has generated.

As with the previous releases in the Deadly and Dangerous series, the Red Back, Blue Ring Octopus and Great White have all run a similar course – with allocations selling fast after initial release dates. It further shows what a stunning and glorious series this has been!

Other dealers have also seen similar results with most already, or close to, selling out.croc_sold

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5 thoughts on “Saltwater Crocodile – SOLD OUT!

    • Unfortunately Joe, the Saltwater Crocodile will not be back on sale as we have completely sold out of all of our allocated stocks.
      You may wish to try other dealers, but be quick as they are likely to have already sold out.
      Apologies for any inconvenience!

  1. I was very surprised to learn about this new coin after being told in various emails from Perth that the series ended with three coins. I regrettably learned about the new coin too late and was unable to buy any. I will now be stuck paying Ebay prices if I am to complete my sets of Deadly and Dangerous. Perth insists that these coins were made for Downies and that they have no knowledge of a fifth coin. What I want to know is will there be another one and if so, when can we expect it? I would really like to obtain it at affordable prices. PLEASE tell me!

    • Hi Bill,
      First off, sorry to hear you weren’t able to secure yourself one of the Crocs. We apologize for any confusion we may have caused. Originally there were only supposed to be three coins in the series, however demand was such that we decided to produce another coin. We expect that there will be a sixth coin released in 2010, however we are not yet sure what will be the feature, or when exactly it will be released.

      If you wish to be informed of our new releases your best bet is to sign up to our mailing list and follow us on Twitter. We use these avenues to notify our customers of our new products as they come to hand. If your on top of these, there’s no chance you’ll miss out next time.

      I hope this clears things up for you and would like to apologize again for the confusion surrounding the series.

      All the best and happy collecting!

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