Canada 2010 50c Lenticular Daspletosaurus Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has teamed up with Canada’s museums to release a new series of must-have lenticular moving image dinosaur coins. Each inspired by a different exhibit, the first coin in the series features the monstrous Daspletosaurus Torosus and centers on the nations leading natural sciences and natural history museum. Making the release even more significant is the fact that the museum is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary!

Canada 2010 50c Lenticular Daspletosaurus Coin

The Daspletosaurus is closely related to the much better known Tyrannosaurus, or T-Rex for short. Both similar in build, the Daspletosaurus is an older and much smaller relative. Towering in at close to 9 meters in length and weighing around 3 tons, these dinosaurs were carnivorous predators at the top of the food chain and preyed on other large dinosaurs such as Centrosaurus and Hypacrosaurus. The Daspletosaurus lived in western North American over 74 million years ago during the late Cretaceous Period. Their bones were heavily constructed and some, including the nasal bones on top of the snout, were fused for strength. An adult was typically armed with around 6 dozen teeth that were very long but oval in a cross section rather then blade-like, allowing it to attack and kill heavily plated dinosaurs. Loosely translated, Daspletosaurus means ‘Frightful Lizard’ – a name quite fitting for such a ferocious beast!

Canada 2010 50c Lenticular Daspletosaurus Coin

Implementing state-of-the-art minting techniques the Canadian mint has created a stunning lenticular coin that when tilted, the image of the fierce and dangerous Daspletosaurus appears to spring into motion. Presented in full-colour, the coin is sure to fascinate and engage amateur dinosaur hunters and enthusiasts alike. A distinctive addition to any collection, and an intriguing gift, each 35mm brass-plated steel 50c is set within an illustrated full-colour folder, complete with six FREE trading cards!

Canada 2010 50c Lenticular Daspletosaurus Coin

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