History Repeats – 1216

Following in a similar direction to the Kings of 1066, in 1216 the English Monarchy once again saw three Kings take the throne. Welcoming King John, Louis VIII and Henry III, 1216 was a year of invasion, decease and reclamation of the monarchy.

Crowned in 1199, John, son of King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine was handed the throne upon the passing of his brother King Richard the Lionheart. Upon ruling successfully for 17 years, King John’s reign was challenged when Louis VIII, son of the King of France, invaded England in 1216. Receiving support and acceptance from the public as England’s new King, Louis VIII began to conquer half of the kingdom – however he was yet to be crowned. Upon the Death of King John in October 1216, Louis VIII’s supporters turned against him, welcoming instead King John’s nine year old son Henry III as the new King of England.

In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Three Kings of 1936 – England’s latest occurrence of welcoming three separate Kings to the throne within one iconic year comes the Niue 2011 $5 Three Kings of 1936 Silver Proof. Available for purchase from, this eye-catching commemorative retails for $199.00.


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