Benin Strikes Back! 2011 100 Francs Lily of the Valley Scent Colour Silver Plated BU

With innovation driving the future of numismatics, Benin has broken the mould, releasing their fourth issue in the state of the art, ‘rub & sniff’ collection – the 2011 100 Francs Lily of the Valley Scent Colour Silver Plated BU.

Benin 2011 100 Francs Lily Scent Coloured Silver Plated BU

Featuring the Convallaria Majalis, commonly known as the ‘Lily of the Valley’, this official legal tender, silver plated Proof is a fine testament to the modern minting skills seen throughout this diverse industry. Releasing the fragrant aromas of the Lily of the Valley when the reverse is rubbed, each coin is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the 2,500 coin mintage.

Set to take the collector market by storm – be sure to head on over to to secure yours today!

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