The sinking of the Titanic

2223 people…
20 life boats…
705 survivors…
The sinking of the Titanic

Excitement, anticipation and naivety lined the streets of Southampton, England, on April 10 1912, little to know that just five days later these emotions would turn to distress, fear and incredible devastation as the vessel that was believed to be ‘unsinkable’ descended deep onto the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.

Captivated by mystery and intrigue, the story of the Titanic started in 1907 when J. Bruce Ismay – received authorisation to build the Titanic. After two years, 3,000 men and $7.5 million, in 1911 the Titanic was finally finished and left Belfast, Ireland and headed for Southampton, England to commence its ‘Maiden Voyage’.

Pulling away from Southampton port at 12.00 noon April 10 1912 the Titanic descended on its first and final expedition. With sounds of ecstasy piercing the air – dreams of new beginnings, thoughts of returning to loved ones and the celebration of newlyweds filled the halls of this majestic ship – the Titanic was the largest ship in the world, and with the ability to travel at 22.5 knots, it was the most elite ship that the world had ever seen!

From ecstasy to devastation, on April 14 1912, the believed invincible Titanic struck her fatal iceberg, sparking a series of chain reactions that ultimately lead to the death of 1,518 people and the horrific tales of the mere 705 survivors. Whilst the Titanic carried more lifeboats than was required by the British Board of Trade Regulations based on the ships tonnage, it only had half the amount of boats needed to save the lives of everyone on board. With Women and Children the first to be put onto the limited number of life boats, a horrific 31.7% of the 2223 passengers onboard this floating palace survived.

One of the most renowned events in history, the sinking of the Titanic has captivated global audiences for 100 years. Ultimately the truth behind this devastating voyage was lost in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean – leaving many across the world pondering the answers to what will continue to be the unknown.

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