Choice Change Challenge: A challenger speaks out!

oct-coinchangechallengeThe entry below was contributed by Alex, one of the brave contestants in the Choice Change Challenge.

The life of a coin collector is, at times, tough. George and I, after an early flurry of commemoratives, have now come to a grinding halt. We now know… collecting coins can be tough! Having said that though, the other lesson learnt by this budding pair of Downies coin collectors is that finding a much desired piece is fiercely rewarding! It was just two days ago that our team all came into the office to find an email dripping with pure, unadulterated joy. George had received a 2001 Centenary of Federation ACT 20c coin in the change from his morning coffee. Aside from indicating the strength of coffee that George indulges in, his exuberance is perhaps the perfect example of why so many collectors out there simply cannot stop! Both he and I are seemingly many years from completing our ‘Collecting the Commemorative Challenge’ and yet, somehow, we’ve become hooked.

For those with an interest, I’ve packaged up where we sit on the table of commemoratives. We’ve done well! Yet, ultimately there is a long road ahead…

George Alex
20c Series
2001 Fed ACT 2005 Coming Home
2001 Fed NSW 2010 Tax
2003 Volunteers 2011 Women’s Day
2005 WWII 2011 Royal Wedding
2010 Tax
2011 Royal Wedding
2011 Volunteers
2011 Women’s Day
50c Series
1977 Silver Jubilee 1970 Capt. Cook
1981 Wedding 1977 Silver Jubilee
1982 Cth Games 1981 Wedding
1994 Family 1982 Cth Games
1995 Weary 1988 Bicentennial
1998 Bass & Flinders 1994 Family
2000 Millennium 1995 Weary Dunlop
2001 Fed CofA 1998 Bass & Flinders
2001 Fed NSW 2000 Millennium
2001 Fed NT 2001 Fed ACT
2003 Volunteers 2001 Fed CofA
2004 Comm Games 2001 Fed NSW
2005 Comm Games 2002 Outback
2005 WWII 2003 Volunteers
2010 Aust Day 2004 Student Design
2005 Remembrance
2005 Student Design
2010 Aust Day
$1 Series
1986 Peace 1986 Peace
1988 Bicentennial 1988 Bicentennial
1993 Landcare 1993 Landcare
1996 Parkes 1996 Parkes
1997 Kingsford-Smith 1997 Kingsford-Smith
1999 Older Persons 1999 Older Persons
2001 Federation 2001 Federation
2002 Outback 2001 Year of Vol.
2003 Volunteers 2002 Outback
2003 Suffrage 2003 Suffrage
2005 Dancing Man 2003 Volunteers
2007 APEC 2005 Dancing Man
2008 Scouts 2007 APEC
2009 Pension 2008 Scouts
2010 Girl Guides 2009 Pension
2011 CHOGM 2010 Girl Guides
2011 CHOGM
$2 Series
$2 Poppy $2 Poppy

And, my sneaky addendum to the above? For all of you who may be reading this in the Nunawading area, get out there and spend those spare commemoratives! Give George and I a chance at glory!


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