Kidney Kar Rally 2014 – Ken & Kath Hit the Road

[UPDATE: 15th Sept] A note from Kath – The Journey to Gundagai:

Not too much to report tonight. After the lovely farewell from everyone at the office (and of course our beautiful grandchildren!), we cruised up the Hume. We stopped at Glenrowan and met up with Kar 250 from Bendigo with whom we convoyed the rest of the way. Stopped again at Tarcutta for a coffee and finally arrived in Gundagai about 6pm.

The kar ran like a dream.

It was the last opportunity we will have to actually enjoy looking at the scenery for a while! On the rally Ken is busy focussing on the road (or should I say track) while I have my head buried in the maps, my eyes on the terra trip and the stopwatch!

We checked into our hotel and headed down to the Gundagai District Services Club for a well-earned drink with all the other rallytives who have already arrived. Lots of catching up to do!


2014-08-14c Rallytives rally

The 2014 Kidney Kar Rally starts Saturday, August 16th, and Downies is once again proud to participate! Ken and Kath Downie will be tackling the rally, which kicks off in Gundagai, NSW, goes through Victoria and the edge of South Australia, ending up in Cootamundra, NSW.

The adventure begins!
Ken and Kath set out this morning from the Downies head office, and were cheered on by Downies staff!


They will make their way to Gundagai, NSW, where on Friday the 15th, the safety briefing and rally rules will be presented to the competitors. They’ll stay overnight in Gundagai, getting their rest for the race start on Saturday!

Where is the rally going?


Location Activity Arrive Leave
Gundagai, New South Wales Race Start!   16/08/2014
Araluen, New South Wales Lunch 16/08/2014 16/08/2014
Merimbula, New South Wales Overnight Stay 16/08/2014 17/08/2014
Orbost, Victoria Lunch 17/08/2014 17/08/2014
Sale, Victoria Overnight Stay 17/08/2014 18/08/2014
Yea, Victoria Lunch 18/08/2014 18/08/2014
Ballarat, Victoria Overnight Stay 18/08/2014 19/08/2014
Hamilton, Victoria Lunch 19/08/2014 19/08/2014
Mount Gambier, South Australia Rest Day 19/08/2014 21/08/2014
Bordertown, South Australia Lunch 21/08/2014 21/08/2014
St Arnaud, Victoria Overnight Stay 21/08/2014 22/08/2014
Heathcote, Victoria Lunch 22/08/2014 22/08/2014
Mulwala, New South Wales Overnight Stay 22/08/2014 23/08/2014
Ganmain, New South Wales Lunch 23/08/2014 23/08/2014
Cootamundra, New South Wales Finish! 23/08/2014  

It’s a jam-packed week – the rallytives are going to need that rest day in Mount Gambier!

How can I help?
There are two ways you can help support children and families who are touched by Kidney disease.

The first is to donate directly to Kidney Health Australia here. Your donation helps gives children a reprieve from the illness through attending Kidney Kids Camps, and it helps out mum and dad, too!

The second way you can help is to purchase an exclusive 2014 Kidney Kar Rally medallion. Every cent of the retail price goes to Kidney Health Australia – a feat made possible thanks to the contributions of Downies, Perth Mint and Printgraphics. Each donated the time, expertise and raw materials necessary to make this project possible – and allow you to secure an exclusive medallion while helping a good cause! Click here to get your medallion!

What happens next?
To keep up-to-date with the progress of the rally, follow us on Downies Facebook Page daily updates and check back here for regular journal entries from Ken and Kath!


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