Kidney Kar Rally: Day 1 (16/8/2014)

Here’s Kath’s update from Day 1 of the Kidney Kar Rally!

Well, we have managed to make it through Day 1 with all our tyres and wheels intact so that’s a big plus! It was a long one today with 4 sections covering over 500kms in total. Started with a class 3 (average speed 70kmh) and then 3 x class 4’s (average speed just 60kmh). Causeways, rivers, rocky river beds and lots of forest, dirt & dust!

We had a roo chaperone us for a few hundred meters on the first section, lots of road kill (mostly wombats which I find quite sad) and cows on the road along the way.

Already a few casualties along the way with gearboxes dying and cars going a little further off the road than intended, but fortunately no injuries.

We think we did ok today, maybe a few minutes late on the last section (it was particularly hairy!), I am grateful we have an AWD kar even though we are penalised for it in the scoring! We will find out later tonight how well we really went when the official scores go up!


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