Kidney Kar Rally: Day 2 (17/8/2014)

Here is Kath’s update from day 2 of the Kidney Kar Rally 2014!

Well the end of day 2 and once again we have survived!

Wow this was a truly BIG one! We awoke to rain. So, when the rain is relatively light it means there is no dust on the dirt tracks, so we see this as a plus. However as the day progressed, the rain got heavier and the fog in the forests got thicker and the water running over the causeways and roads got deeper…

Stage 1 today was a Class 4 – we thought it was a pretty good 4 as it was challenging but not too difficult. We managed to get through it a minute early, so only lost 1 point.

By stage 2 (a Class 3), the rain was getting heavier and more rivers seemed to be appearing in the roads. Still we got through it 2 minutes early and lost 2 points. Lunch was in Orbost. The most yummy pumpkin soup and the best savoury scones ever!! Just perfect in this weather!

After lunch, we proceeded to the start of Stage 3 (another Class 4). This was to be our most challenging section yet. There was mud, lots of rocks, mud, fallen trees, mud, deep creeks, mud, gutters, mud, humps, mud etc etc. There were two particularly bad creeks that were at the bottom of very steep slopes. These proved to be the end for the majority of the kars. A hasty turn- back of many kars had to be co-ordinated by the officials. We of course, having an all wheel drive, got through these relatively easily (never have I been so grateful to have a Subaru) and carried on oblivious to what was happening behind us!

Stage 4 was yet another Class 4 through forest and across the Nicholson river. The road was completely blocked at one point by a tree, so we had to drive through the scrub around the tree to get back on track. A longer wheel base would not have made it around. We were so pleased to get to the end of this stage, but again had survived a pretty tough one.

So the evening is being spent in Sale. Due to the number of kars having issues in the conditions today, the Road Director cancelled Stages 3 & 4, so despite us completing them both, we shall get no benefit in the results, but boy did we have fun!

(By the way it is still raining…)


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