Kidney Kar Rally: Day 3 (18/8/2014)

Here’s Kath’s update from Day 3 of the Kidney Kar Rally!

So it rained all night in Sale – not a good sign. But when we went to bed last night, we had already been told that the first two stages today had been cancelled due to the rain and its impact on the high country tracks we were supposed to be navigating this morning. (A kar goes out 24 hours before to check the rally route and reports back on road conditions. Another goes out an hour before and does the same – safety is always of primary importance to the organisers and they won’t let us travel the planned route if there are dangerous conditions).

So we headed via the most direct route to Yea which was to be our lunch stop. Of course, the most direct route wasn’t the same for everyone! Amazing what happens when Rallytives are left to plan their own journey!

Anyway, most arrived eventually and we began the 1st of 2 rally sections for the day – this one a Class 3. The roads were indeed wet and slippery, but there were also some dry dusty patches. We ended up running in our usual trio of Australiana, Tumut Transplant Team and then us. Given that our departures are spaced it is obvious that if we travel together, the second and third of us are going to be too fast, so we finished that stage 3 minutes early. (-3 points).

The final stage for the day was a Class 4 and a long one! Once again lots of mud, lots of rock and some very nasty boggy patches which caught a few kars out! Quite an exhilarating but exhausting stage. Travelling as the trio once again, we came in just 1 minute early for the loss of just 1 point.

So tonight we are in Ballarat and might I just say – this is one COLD city! Results have us at equal 21st after 3 days (remembering we lose an additional 2 points a day for having an AWD kar, but once again I am eternally grateful that we do!) We were asked today why we don’t opt for a standard 2 wheel drive – we are not here to win this event, we are here to raise funds and awareness of Kidney Disease and its impact on young people – and yes we also have some fun and meet some incredible people along the way!

Tomorrow, we head to Mt Gambier via Hamilton. Until then…


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