Kidney Kar Rally: Day 6 (21/8/14)

Here’s an update from Kath for day 6 of the Kidney Kar Rally!

Well today was going to be a long one, we just didn’t appreciate how long!

The first stage was a Class 2 with a lot of changes to the planned route due to the need to avoid drowning the kars in the bogs! But there were still bogs aplenty! It was 125km long which is a big stage! We were 4 minutes early in that one (from mt gambier to naracoorte).

Stage 2 was a Class 2 again of over 90km. There was lots of sand which was exceedingly tricky. We were making really good time until, about 10km from the end of the stage, we blew a front tyre. By the time we changed it, waited for it to cool down and re packed the car, we had lost 12 minutes. We proceeded to Bordertown and began our search for a new tyre…not so easy, although lots of help from locals in Bordertown, Nhill and finally Horsham, where we bought a second hand tyre just so we could continue and have a spare. As a consequence of not wanting to risk rallying without a spare on board, we missed Stage 3 entirely and suffered a 20 point loss.

Once we had the spare we rejoined the rally for Stage 4 which was a long Class 1 of some 114 km from Horsham to St Arnaud. Once again we were 2 minutes early in completing that stage although were congratulated for coming into the final control checkpoint from the right direction as many kars hadn’t!!!

We retrieved our other good spare tyre off the gear truck once we arrived in St Arnaud, got some help to change the tyres around from our friends from Bendigo and then proceeded to the Sporting Club for dinner. From our great results yesterday, today’s mishaps have slipped us back a ways, but tomorrow is a whole new day so fingers crossed!



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