Kidney Kar Rally: Day 7 (22/8/14)

Action shot of Downies Kar 888!

Action shot of Downies Kar 888! Courtesy of Bruce Williams Photography.

Kath’s update for the second last day of the Rally! Only one day left!

Today was St Arnaud to Mulwala. We started with a Class 3 followed by another long Class 3 before lunch in Heathcote. Once again a lot of mud but also a lot of dust! No major dramas and we think we were fairly close to correct time.

The lunch menu from Heathcote Primary! Delicious!

The lunch menu from Heathcote Higher Elementary School! Delicious!

We were treated to something special for lunch today…the kids from Heathcote Primary School put on an amazing meal which they had not only cooked themselves but had also grown the ingredients themselves! The school follows the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation Program of “growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing” the food.

As for the food? It was absolutely superb! Well done to all those kids and teachers involved and thank you so much for sharing your food and your culinary skills with us!

Heathcote Higher Elementary School

Heathcote Higher Elementary School

We were more than happy to leave each of them with a 2014 Kidney Kar Medallion as a memento of our visit!

After lunch, we had a Class 4 – probably the toughest stage so far from a navigators point of view. We were weaving through forest on tracks that were barely visible, often not really there at all! We made one wrong turn but quickly recovered and we think we also made good time on that one! The final stage we spent eating the dust of the mustang. (Moral: never be so courteous as to invite someone to go in front of you at the start of a stage!) we were so far ahead on time at the end of this stage that we crawled with the mustang to kill some time, only to then discover that we had kept left where we should have kept VERY left and as a consequence had to head back to the previous instruction to correct our route. By that stage were ended up very late!

No results were posted last night as they like to keep us in suspense for the final day. It’s not that we are rallying for sheep stations here, we just like the suspense!

So last day ahead. Day 8. Mulwala to Cootamundra. Let’s go!


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