Kidney Kar Rally: Day 8 (23/8/14)

Well today was our final day of rallying. It is an interesting mixture of sadness that it has come to a close for another year and elation that we get to sleep in tomorrow!

Sign at the finish line!

Sign at the finish line!

This morning was a very early start for what was supposed to be a 5 stage day. Our briefing from the road director was at 6.30am. First was the news that the first stage had been cancelled due to the roads being too wet (after the last week I have to ask if there is any such thing as too wet!). As a consequence we had a 120km transport section to get us the the start of what was going to be the second stage for the day, but wound up being the first.

All in all today was long, other than the final stage for the day which was quite a short and easy trip to the finish line. We had one major error where we had to go back the way we had come as we had missed a crossroad, which of course loses vital minutes! There were more unbelievable forests with winding tracks that I seriously doubt had seen a vehicle in months! We had mobs of sheep and herds of cattle on the road (and they are very unpredictable when faced with multiple kars converging on them!). It was however a beautiful sunny day which was great for driving and the scenery was spectacular with enormous fields of yellow everywhere!

So at the end of the final stage we gather to watch everyone finish and share a drink and congratulate each other on finishing, some in one piece, some decidedly broken! Then we head off to shower and ready ourselves for the final dinner and presentations.

In the overall scoring, yesterday saw us lose a whopping 16 points, half of which were for arriving 8 minutes early in a section which saw a lot of kars struggle thus reducing the average time for completion of that stage! That wrong turn at the end of the day cost us 7 points. Today we lost 9 points in total, 5 of which were the cost of missing that crossroad.

So to the final dinner and presentations. We will not be returning home with a massive trophy this year, like the Redex one we won last year, but we are more than delighted to be returning home having finished outright 24th in the rally which was a vast improvement on last years 52nd! Congratulations to the overall winners Kar 11 – the Blues Brothers!

Once again the Kidney Kar Rally has managed to raise over $500,000!!! Congratulations on the tremendous effort everyone! And a big personal thank you from Ken and myself to all OUR generous donors from all corners of the globe!

To all the competitors & officials, the organisers (Kim & Arthur), Kidney Health Australia (particularly Katie, Dan & Steve) congratulations on a fantastic event and we hope you all travel safely home.

To the Kidney Kids that we have met along the way and all those who attend the Kids Kidney Camps – we hope that you continue to enjoy the Camps and Capers that our fundraising is able to support.

See you all next year!


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