Mint of Poland Strikes World First Spherical Coin

Seven Wonders of the New World Silver Coin

Mennica Polska (The Mint of Poland) has, in the past, presented the world with an array of innovative numismatic products – from the Amber Road series to the Fortuna Redux. They once again raise the bar on just what is possible in numismatics when they unveiled the world’s first globe coin at the recent World Money Fair in Berlin.

The silver globe, known as the “Seven Wonders of the New World” coin, has been struck from 217.7 grams (7 ounces) of 99.9% fine silver to a diameter of 34mm. It has a total worldwide mintage of just 1,007. Struck using minting technology specifically developed by the Mint of Poland, the design of the coin is taken from the world map “Nova totius terrarum orbis geographica ac hydrographica tabula” – hand drawn by Dutch cartographer Willem Janszoon Blaeu in 1638. At seven points on the globe are embedded Swarovski crystals to signify the location of the Seven New Wonders. The New Wonders of the World are: Chichen Itza (Mexico), Christ the Redeemer statue (Brazil), the Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu (Peru), the ancient city of Petra (Jordan), the Taj Mahal (India), and the Roman Colosseum (Italy).

The coin is presented in a themed case, designed to look like a suitcase. More information about the unique minting technology can be found at Coin World’s website.


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