New 2015 Poppy Red Gallipoli $2 Coin Issued For Circulation

It has been announced that a newly designed $2 coin will be issued into circulation as of Monday, April 20, 2015. 2015Red2Dollars The surprise announcement was made on the 3AW radio station yesterday, when Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer Kelly O’Dwyer was discussing the events to be held at Malvern Gardens as part of the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli commemorations.

Struck by the Royal Australian Mint, the coin will be unveiled at the Anzac Centenary March that kicks off at 11am on Sunday, April 19, 2015 at Malvern Gardens on the corner of High St & Park St, Malvern, Victoria.

This will be only the 4th coloured $2 coin issued in Australia, starting with the Red Poppy Remembrance Day $2 coin in 2012. In 2013 there was a Purple $2 issued to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, and in 2014, a Green $2 was released into circulation to honour Remembrance Day.

Collectors and the general public alike have delighted in finding and hoarding away these coloured coins over the last few years, and you would now be very lucky to find any of them in your change. The new 2015-dated Red Poppy $2 will undoubtedly be no different.

“It’s an incredible design.” Mrs O’Dwyer said. Going on to describe the coin as “Poppy red” with a design consisting of crosses and poppies. The Australian Government currency determination website describes the design of the coin as having the inscription ‘LEST WE FORGET’, with a series of red coloured stripes arranged in a repetitive circular pattern surrounding the central circle. The coin will also carry a representation of poppy flowers between 5 stylised representations of crosses, along with the coin denomination of TWO DOLLARS.

So, be sure to keep your eye out for this special new colour $2, and let us know when you find one!


10 thoughts on “New 2015 Poppy Red Gallipoli $2 Coin Issued For Circulation

  1. The $2 colour coin will be the 4th, but only the 3rd in circulation. Only an uncolored coin was circulated in 2012.

  2. HI Team, just wondering if you can cash in the $2 coins , i have a few of the coloured one’s, iv nee told i could but just wanted to check

    • Hi Michele, not sure what you mean by “cash in the $2 coins”. They are regular circulating currency so you can use them like regular $2 coins. Or you can try your luck selling them on eBay, you might get a bit more for them perhaps.

    • Hi Joe, sorry about the slow reply. You are correct, 5 coloured $2 coins and the non-coloured $2 poppy. Due to the price of sourcing these coins on the secondary market, coupled with the possibility of more coloured $2 coins being released in the future, we have no plans to offer packs of all the commemorative $2 coins at this stage.

    • Hi Jimy, the 2016 Olympics Blue $2 is just the latest in the ongoing series of coloured $2 commemorative coins, but not the final one. Over the coming weeks other coloured $2 will be released to celebrate the 2016 Rio Olympics, with each new coin having a colour matching one of the rings of the Olympic logo.

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