[KKR2015] On the road – Melbourne to Adelaide

Leaving the city!

Leaving the city of Melbourne!

Below is an update from Kathryn Downie, as she and Ken head out of the city and toward the start of the Kidney Kar Rally for 2015!

And so the journey begins…after packing the Kar last night and doing a final check to make sure we had everything we are required to have for the rally, we left home at 7.10 this morning. Got as far as Ararat before needing a coffee and a bathroom! After a very short stop, we changed drivers and continued on our way. Somewhere around Lexton the GPS sent us on an interesting detour…but we continued doing as she told us and ended up where we were supposed to be, so no dramas!

Decided to stop for refreshment in Tailem Bend and happened upon Kar 250 from Bendigo, who were doing likewise, so enjoyed a quick catch up with them. (We will meet them north of Adelaide tomorrow and convoy to Coober Pedy). But we made it to Adelaide in good time, had no issues with the Kar, and managed to remain relatively relaxed – that won’t last long! So 752 kilometres down, several thousand to go! Tonight we meet up with one of our favourite past employees for dinner! Looking forward to catching up with her and her family before an early start for the long drive tomorrow.

Kath's view of Ken for the next few weeks!

Kath’s view of Ken for the next few weeks!


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