[KKR2015] Adelaide to Coober Pedy

Hello Coober Pedy!

Hello Coober Pedy!

This may prove to be one of our longest days based on distance travelled over the course of this journey – 850 kms over 10 hours including a few stops along the way. We left Adelaide at 6.50am and made it as far as Port Wakefield before we needed to stop for a coffee. I then drove as far as Port Augusta – a very busy metropolis indeed! Picked up some lunch to eat along the way while Ken refuelled and took back the driver’s seat to take us as far as Glendambo where we stopped for another refuel and an ice cream! I then drove from Glendambo until we were about 50km out of Coober Pedy.

We stopped in a rest area to change drivers and found two backpackers who had broken down in their van. One guy from Belgium and the other from the Netherlands. Our friend from Kar 250 used his expertise with dual fuel vehicles to help them out. Meanwhile as I returned to our Kar to get a jacket, I noticed the inside of the back of their van…the walls were covered with pictures of Eric Bana…naked!! Should we have been concerned? Perhaps, but fortunately our friend managed to get them started again quite quickly and we simply followed them the rest of the way to Coober Pedy just to make sure they got there ok! Still, the pictures  are still very clear in my mind!

An icon of the Australian outback.

An icon of the Australian outback.

So today was all about the driving. We saw many, many dry lakes, a few very, very long trains, many very long road trains, a family of emus, a lot of very flat stretches of land as well as the incredible area around Woomera – the Woomera Prohibited Area to be precise – I had no idea how huge the Weapons Testing Range actually was and how much land it covered.

A quiet dinner close by our motel tonight and an early start in the morning to make sure we are settled in at Uluru before sunset!


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