[KKR2015] Coober Pedy to Uluru

Sunrise departure from Coober Pedy

Sunrise departure from Coober Pedy

A 6.45 am start from the centre of Coober Pedy this morning to begin today’s long drive… Our first stop was at Marla for breakfast. The drive then continued until we hit the South Australia/Northern Territory border where we stopped for a brief comfort stop and a couple of photos. We then proceeded to Erldunda, which is where the turn off is to Uluru. Refuelling, we caught up with the boys from the Bathurst Surf Lifesaving Club (Kar 8) who had driven from Bathurst to Coober Pedy in one hit the previous day!

Welcome to the Northern Territory!

Welcome to the Northern Territory!

After a bite to eat we made the turn towards Uluru. The most amusing vision of the day was a long line of old tractors being driven in the opposite direction to us. Apparently they had already come from Boulder WA and were hoping to reach Alice Springs by 23 August!!! It was the Harry Ferguson Tractor Trek apparently…we were only grateful that our vehicles could move at a somewhat faster pace and had the luxury of air conditioning!

A magnificent sight! And the rock's okay, I guess.

A magnificent sight! And the rock’s okay, I guess.

Our first sighting of Uluru was one of awe. Seeing this for the first time from a distance, made us realise just how massive it is. We checked in to our apartment at Emu Walk, unpacked the car and then took off to the rock to watch the sunset. We were shepherded into a parking spot by some of the control teams from the rally who had positioned themselves beautifully to get a superb view. Wow! Wow! Wow! What an absolutely amazing sight! And so many people there to see the sunset and watch the rock change colour. The colour in the sky around it as the sun set was just as amazing! Just some incredibly beautiful hues.

So after some 730 km today, it was a quiet night for us with some pizza and pasta in our apartment. Tomorrow morning we are waking early to catch sunrise at the rock…

2015-08-07 XX Uluru



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