[KKR2015] Alice Springs – Rest Day!

Rest day!

So today was pretty much a ‘no drive’ day…yay! Started the day with breakfast then got busy doing laundry, fiddling with the Kar, removing everything from it to make sure everything was ready for scrutineering on Tuesday morning etc etc (scrutineering is where the kar gets inspected to make sure we have all the correct safety equipment and other bits and pieces on board and it is all current and in working order).

We then took the kar down to the local car wash and gave her a good spit and polish – she is looking pretty flash I must say! I will try to post some images soon. Being Sunday, there wasn’t much open in Alice, but we found a nice cafe for lunch and then headed back to the hotel to repackage some of the gear from the kar that we won’t need for a few days so we will be transferring to the Gear Truck on Tuesday.

As the afternoon progressed, more of our Rallytives arrived. The greetings are always warm and friendly and it is great to catch up with these people once again! There have been some dramas for some of the Kars getting here and we are all hopeful they can be resolved in time for the start.


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