[KKR2015] Final Preparations and Official Unveiling of Kar 888!

Simpson's Gap.

Simpson’s Gap.

A few last minute things we needed to deal with today before scrutineering tomorrow…D shackles in lieu of tow balls, 5 litres of water, fill spare petrol can etc, so we thought we would take the morning off to take in some of the nearby tourist spots.

We began at Ellery’s Creek Big Hole – what a magnificent waterhole – an oasis in the middle of so much dryness. We then went to Standley’s Chasm and walked the kilometre along the rocky creek bed to reach the it. We had to ensure we were there by 12 noon to see the Chasm light up as the sun reached its peak! Another fantastic experience indeed! Walked back along the creek bed to the Kar and headed off to Simpson’s Gap for a peak at another wonderful sight. So in the space of a single morning we were spoiled to see so many natural and beautiful wonders!

Headed back into Alice, managed to get all our bits and pieces done and headed off to Lasseter’s again for dinner. By now most of the Rally Krews have arrived in town, so Lasseter’s was the place to be! Once again, great to catch up with so many Rallytives! Scrutineering and Registration starts at 9am tomorrow!

Meanwhile, the new wrap of our rally Kar has been unveiled! We should probably explain…a couple of years back, we came up with the idea of having the Kar design created by the Kidney Kids themselves. It has taken us a bit of time to get it done but here it is! We asked Kidney Health Australia if one of the activities at this years Kidney Kids Camp could be painting. And so it began… The kids did paintings of Kars, roads, kidneys and also did lots of handprints! After the camp, we got the paintings and our designer set _DSC2630to work on laying them out into a graphic design that would be suitable for our Kar. He also incorporated some of the photographs of the kids themselves at the camp. He did an amazing job and with some help from our friends at SignPro in Ringwood, the Kar wrap was completed the day before we left Melbourne!

The feedback we have had so far has been amazing. Certainly those Rallytives who have seen it have all been very positive and extremely complimentary. The primary colours used by the kids for the paintings themselves have provided a very bright design. It is certainly attracting lots of attention as we drive around!

Until tomorrow…!


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