[KKR2015] Scrutineering, Registration & the Official Start Dinner 

Checking the first aid kit

Checking the first aid kit

So…at 9am we lined up for scrutineering – all checked off and good to go. Then into registration where we sign our lives away and pick up our badges etc so that we can be identified and returned to Kidney Health Australia in the event we get lost!

We then head out to the highway to do a distance check so we can calibrate our Terratrip. We had to make the run a few times to get it accurate after our first run being 20 metres out. There was a seriously happy High 5 once we got it!

In the afternoon a group of Kars headed out to Bradshaw Primary School for the kids to see the Kars close up. They were pretty excited and loved the KKR Medallions and red jelly beans we gave them! We had to leave the school in time to get back for our 2.30 briefing from the Road Director who goes through all the rules and behaviours expected throughout the rally. It is at this briefing that we all receive our Road Books. These are our ‘bibles’ for the next few days – apart from providing us with all the directions for the rally it is full of everything else we may need to know during the course of the next 10 days. Once we have the Road Book, the navigators spend a fair bit of time going through page by page highlighting dangers and calculating times for intervals in each section.

Kids getting red jelly beans and Kidney Kar Rally Medallions!

Kids getting red jelly beans and Kidney Kar Rally Medallions!

At 7pm we began the official dinner. There are several speakers, a little entertainment, a video message from the Kidney Kids and then the announcement of the highest fundraisers. We were thrilled to be ranked 7th highest this year against some very stiff competition! This means that every day, we start the rally in 7th position. Overall the rally has so far raised $700,000 this year, a massive 40% up on last year! Well done to all those who worked hard to raise funds and to all our supporters! After the dinner is the charity auction – always entertaining and another bundle of money raised from the Rallytives for the Kidney Kids!

We made it into the local paper!

We made it into the local paper!

So an early start on Day 1 tomorrow – wish us luck!


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