2012 $1 Deadly and Dangerous Funnel Web 1oz Silver proof – SOLD OUT

Deadly and Dangerous Funnel Web - Sold Out

Demonstrating that the Deadly & Dangerous 1oz Silver Proof Series is far from dead, the latest edition – the 2012 $1 Funnel Web 1oz Silver proof – has sold out in what may well be the quickest time of all coins in the series thus far! The seventh coin in this incredibly popular series, the Funnel Web was actually all but sold out before Downies headed to the Melbourne ANDA coin show last weekend with the remaining 20 coins in hand. Of course, those coins were snapped up very quickly and thus every last one of the 5,000 coin mintage had been allocated.

Now, however, the sell-out is officially announced, and all collector minds begin to consider – will there be an eighth Deadly & Dangerous coin in 2013? And, how can I guarantee that I secure one for my collection? The answer…

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2012 Coin of the Year awards! And the nominees are…

Perhaps one of the most prestigious award ceremonies for numismatics, the American Numismatic Association in accordance with Krause Publications, has just announced the nominations for the 2012 Coin of the Year awards.

With categories ranging from most historically significant and best contemporary events to most inspirational, innovative and artistic releases seen throughout 2010 comes an array of designs that undoubtedly enticed the global.

Amongst the most popular coins nominated – judged on commercial sales, international appeal, artistic calibre and the indefinable qualities of ‘popularity’ – included Canada’s Poppy, United Kingdom’s Countdown to London Olympics (2011  and 2012  issues still available)  and Tuvalu’s Deadly and Dangerous Eastern Brown Snake (2009 Saltwater Crocodile still available ).

A collection of diversity and intrigue, head on over to Coinweek.com to view the full list of nominations.

Deadly and Dangerous! ~ Tuvalu $1 Australia’s Box Jellyfish 1oz Silver Proof

A sensational addition to one of the hottest series in numismatics, the latest in the Australian Deadly & Dangerous Series has just been unveiled! A characteristically stunning example of The Perth Mint’s unparalleled full-colour minting techniques, this dramatic new legal tender coin honours one of the world’s most lethal aquatic inhabitants – the Box Jellyfish.
Found off Northern Australia, and in the Indo-Pacific region, the Box Jellyfish (Chironex fleckeri) is, according to the Australian Institute of Marine Science, ‘claimed to be the most venomous marine animal known’. An astonishing life form, it can grow up to 15 tentacles, each with a length of up to 3 metres, from each corner of the cubic bell from which it takes its name. Each tentacle is endowed with up to 5,000 stinging cells containing toxins that attack the heart, nervous system and skin. Causing excruciating pain, this aquatic assassin can kill a human within minutes. Capturing the lethal beauty of the Box Jellyfish – which has killed 64 people in Australia since the first recorded death in the 1880s – this 40.60mm Silver Proof is a must-have for all coin collectors.

Moreover, this coin is crucial for anyone who owns any of its predecessors in the Deadly & Dangerous Series. Virtually never offered, the soaring market values of the 2006 Red-back Spider $1 (now A$1,000+), 2007 Great White Shark $1 (A$169), 2008 Blue-Ringed Octopus $1 (A$250), 2009 Saltwater Crocodile $1 (A$225) and 2010 Eastern Brown Snake (A$179) creates a strong incentive to secure the 2011 Box Jellyfish $1 at Official Issue Price!

  • Struck to Proof quality from 1oz of pure .999 silver
  • Features a vibrant design of Australia’s Box Jellyfish
  • Tiny mintage just 5,000 – sell-out guaranteed
  • Struck by The Perth Mint for Tuvalu as legal tender of $1
  • Set in a high-gloss timber case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

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