The World at War…

Strictly limited edition!
Just 1,000 issued worldwide!

The perfect partner for the highly sought after World War II Collection of Banknotes, Stamps & Coins,  sold out at super speed in 2011, Downies is delighted to present its successor – the 20th Century Wars  Collection of Banknotes, Stamps & Coins!

A hundred years of bloodshed…

A sweeping overview of one of the most devastating periods in the history of warfare, this dramatic presentation comprises an intriguing array of currency issues from nations involved in the major wars of the 20th century – World War I (1914-18), the 1917 Russian Revolution and subsequent Civil War, the Chinese Civil War (1927-50), the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), World War II (1939-45), the Cold War (1948-91) and the First Gulf War (1990-91). In highly collectable quality, with many items in perfect, unused condition, the set includes 12 banknotes, 7 coins and 30 stamps from 21 different countries!

A striking presentation…

An extremely professional presentation, the currency of each conflict is set behind archival quality plastic and housed in an embossed, hardback album comprising nine thick, sturdy pages. Beautifully illustrated, each page features an array of images from the war, and incorporates coins, stamps or banknotes, with the stamps and notes able to be removed and enjoyed ‘in the flesh’. Packed with information relating to each war, as well as the particular legal tender issues on the page, each hardcover album is housed in a sturdy, embossed outer case.

Just 1,000 sets issued!

A masterwork of military memorabilia, literally dripping with history, the 20th Century Wars Collection of Banknotes, Stamps & Coins is also extremely exclusive. A mere 1,000 sets have been issued worldwide! Given that its predecessor, the World War II Collection of Banknotes, Stamps & Coins, sold out so quickly that some of our clients were left empty-handed, we must recommend immediate action. Our limited allocation is sure to be overwhelmed by demand.

  • Exclusive! Limited edition just 1,000! Tiny number in Australia!
  • Includes 12 banknotes, 7 coins and 30 stamps – all in highly collectable quality
  • Each legal tender issue set behind archival quality plastic in illustrated, informative pages
  • Housed within a hardcover album in a sturdy, embossed outer case

The 20th century is largely defined by the two great global struggles of World War I and World War II. Sadly, however, these catastrophic clashes were merely the ‘highpoints’ of a century of human history that was engulfed by almost continuous conflict.

Comprising genuine, highly symbolic, official legal tender issues, the 20th Century Wars Collection of Banknotes, Stamps & Coins represents a fascinating record of this devastating period of bloodshed. Presented upon superbly illustrated pages, each packed with detailed information on the key wars of the last 100 years – WWI, WWII, the Civil Wars in Russia, China and Spain, the Cold War and the First Gulf War – the 20th Century Wars Collection of Banknotes, Stamps & Coins encompasses a whopping 30 stamps, 7 coins and 12 banknotes. Authentic artefacts of an horrific era of conflict – where major advances in the field of military technology only served to worsen the rate of casualties – each official legal tender issue found in this spellbinding presentation has a fascinating tale to tell.

From the last Hammer & Sickle coins of the USSR to the militaristic banknotes of communist Mozambique, from the Ho Chi Minh banknotes of Vietnam to the USA’s voluminous array of military commemorative stamps – to name but a few – every element of this outstanding collection forms a rich insight into the course of warfare during the 20th century.

A picture tells a thousand words they say, and this theory is potently illustrated by the art of propaganda – the means for the dissemination of often misleading information. It is easy to create a picture – but how do you ensure that your picture is seen by those you wish to see it? Throughout history, the world’s rulers have found the answer in official currency.

Whether conveying legitimate or misleading information, propaganda is never more important than during times of conflict. With the invention of the postage stamp in the mid-19th century, and the proliferation of official banknotes from the start of the 20th century, nations across the globe were armed with a three-pronged medium of propaganda. During the extraordinary variety of wars fought throughout the 20th century, virtually every government took advantage of official coins, stamps and banknotes as an effective means of propaganda.

Whether to extol the virtues of the issuing nation, or perpetuate myths about the enemy, official currency played a key role in getting messages across to the often beleaguered population of a country at war. Cheap to produce, colourful and used by millions of people, stamps were particularly useful in this regard – as illustrated by the great variety of fiercely propagandistic philatelic issues found in this outstanding presentation.

The Hitler Head and Swastika stamps of Nazi Germany, the Saddam Hussein portrait banknotes of Iraq, Canada’s ‘V’ for ‘Victory’ 1945 5c, the USSR’s Cold War stamps & notes, Fascist Spain’s vainglorious Franco stamps… the 20th Century Wars Collection of Banknotes, Stamps & Coins provides a compelling insight into the importance and widespread use of official legal tender as propaganda.

20th Century Wars Banknote, Coin & Stamp Collection Album is now available to purchase online from!


Australia Remembers…

Marking the 70th Anniversary of the first wartime attack on Australian Soil, February 19 1942 saw 242 Japanese Planes launch the first of their 64 attacks on Darwin. An initial siege that lasted a mere 40 minutes, devastatingly stole the lives of more than 243 people – February 19 2012 marks beginning of the war on Australia.

Forced to leave the side of our Mother Country, 41 years after federation, Australia strengthened its alliance with the United States to combat what has now been described as Australia’s Pearl Harbour. With much focus protecting the northern border of Australia, on May 31 1942, three Japanese midget submarines, five large mother submarines and two sea planes attempted to invade Sydney Harbour. An attack that was of limited success with only one of the submarines firing its torpedoes, missing the intended target and instead hitting the depot ship, HMAS Kuttabul – fear began to penetrate the once believed invincible Australian culture.

Issued to mark the 70th Anniversary of the start of these attacks, the Royal Australian Mint has issued three unique Australian legal tender releases commemorating those who lost their lives protecting our borders.

Never to be issued into circulation, to secure the 2012 50c and 20c Shores Under Siege trio – head on over to today!